A thought in motion...
Vittae is thoughtfully designed to refresh the writing experience. With two colours at your fingertips, you can instantly bring cohesion and hierarchy to your workflow. This writing instrument allows you to seamlessly switch between colours, allowing you to think and write without interruption.
The fountain pen’s two independent ink chambers are housed within an elegant, modern casing.​​​​​​​

Vittae was recently submitted to the Dyson Awards. You can read more about the thought process behind the work here.

Vittae’s casing will be turned from aluminium using high quality, precision CNC machines. The casing is anodised to protect it from daily wear, and also to increase grip to give you full control as you use the pen.
As well as aluminium, we’re pleased to offer Vittae in an alternative titanium case, offering an incredibly strong yet lightweight option.​​​​​​​

•Silver Anodised Aluminium with Black Grip
•Black Anodised Aluminium
with Black Grip
•Grey Titanium with matching Grey Grip

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